The Light at the End of the Tunnel!

I’m down to the last two raw fleeces!  I may actually be done with this huge undertaking by the end of October!

Last year my lovely Sister in Law, who is a rural route letter carrier, started bringing me raw fleece from several of the small farms along her route.  These are not fiber flocks, and are mostly used for pasture management and organic lamb.  They are all crosses, with the largest number being Cheviot crosses.  I can’t say for sure what they are crossed with, and the fleece characteristics vary widely, from next-to-skin soft to Pillow Stuffing.  I ended up with maybe 20 fleeces that I have had to wash in very small batches because we only have one bathroom, and my husband strongly objects to the smell.


I’ve been making giant bags from unused flat sheets to store the washed fleece in, and I periodically stuff a giant vacuum bag full so I can store it away. I eagerly anticipate being able to navigate my studio without needing a string to find my way out!


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