What I did with my lawn furniture

I know it’s a week late – this is what I did with my lawn furniture before Irene.  I didn’t have anywhere else to put the chairs, and I wanted to weight the trampoline down with more than the four cinderblocks that sit on its legs.  It seems to have worked – nothing went sailing!

The wind was pretty impressive, but we really didn’t get as much rain as we’d thought we would.  No water in the basement! Yay!  We did lose power for three days, and I consider us lucky to have gotten it back that soon.  There are still people without power in some parts of my town!  Scarlett’s first hour with no power was rough, but she got used to the “new normal” pretty quickly.  In fact, I think her father had a tougher time with it than she did!

We have city water and gas for cooking & heat, so we still had a working stove and hot & cold running water.  Were were lucky – our next-door neighbor brought in a small generator that Monday, and offered to let us hook up our freezer!  I think I maybe lost a few Popsicles in the upstairs freezer.

After seeing the devastation all up and down the coast, I really appreciate how lucky we were to have gotten off so lightly!  There are so many places that still look like this-


2 thoughts on “What I did with my lawn furniture

  1. I really think we got off lightly. Despite being well inland, our town was hit particularly hard with power outages – lots of people living in what amounts to forest! DS's best friend's family has only just gotten their power back, and had to resort to hauling water in buckets from their swimming pool to flush their toilets!


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