Not how I wanted to spend my day!

 This is not what my kitchen normally looks like – really, it’s not!

 This is not what my living room normally looks like either.

 I mean, I’m the first to admit that housekeeping is not generally my highest priority….

 but I’m not usually this bad!

Here’s the culprit.  I’d told our maintenance department that the door seal on my fridge was torn, could they please come repair it.  They decided to replace the fridge instead.  Right then!  On zero notice we suddenly had to hustle most of the furniture in the kitchen into the living room so that they could get the new fridge in.  The kitchen is one of the places we put things that Scarlett isn’t allowed to have, so the density of “stuff” in there is pretty high.

On the plus side, the new fridge seems to be slightly larger than the old one!  This is good.  The old one was so short that you couldn’t fit a two-liter bottle on the tallest shelf.  I may have enough room to try that “Keep a Week’s Worth of Bread Dough in the Fridge” thing!


2 thoughts on “Not how I wanted to spend my day!

  1. LOL, I thought I was going to have to recommend you for one of those intervention shows for a minute! Mine looked just like that a couple of weeks ago when I decided to rearrange my kitchen and the contents of the cabinets!


  2. I know! And the pictures don't even show the stuff I had to stow in Scarlett's room while all this was going on. We're so lucky they showed up shortly after she left for school – it would've been a disaster if she'd been home! But hey, I got a new fridge out of it 🙂


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