Some more finished yarn

These 2oz combed tops I’ve been using to test colorways spin up very quickly!  This is the red from the top I showed you here.  This one is a one-off – I messed up while I was mixing the dyes in such a way that I knew I’d made a mistake, but couldn’t tell you exactly what I’d done wrong, so sadly, this mistake is not repeatable.

This is the yarn from the yellow top that I forgot to take a photo of.  Rather, I thought I had already taken photos of it.  I try to wait until I’ve got a pic of the dyed fiber before I spin it up, just for record-keeping purposes.  Oh well – I guess I’ll have to take the roving photo next time I dye this colorway.

This is what the red at the top of the page was supposed to look like.  Now that the top has a photo I can spin this and see how I like the yarn.
This is my first shot at “purples,” but it’s turned out more blue than I wanted.  I have another version cooking right now (along with “oranges”), so I should have something less blue and more purple to show you next time.

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