And yet another snow day!

On Monday the news was saying we were only about 6″ away from the snowiest month in CT since they started keeping records in the early 1900’s.  I’m pretty sure we’ve passed that mark now.

 This was the view of my backyard two weeks ago.  This is an 8′ trampoline, and I’d estimate it’s about 2′ off the ground.

This is the view of my backyard today.  It’s gonna be awhile before anyone gets on that trampoline!

We’ve had at least one snowday and two delays/early dismissals every week for the last three weeks.  People are definitely going stir-crazy!

There are a couple of chairs in here if you can find them.

You would never know that there’s a 3′ tall composter under there somewhere!  Those fence posts are about 5′ tall.  At least my tender perennials are well-insulated!

If nothing else my son has been having fun turning the snow drift in the front yard into an igloo!


2 thoughts on “And yet another snow day!

  1. I thought of you while watching the weather reports on the Today Show! Amazing amount of snow, and we're only a month in to winter! Nice to see your family too, very handsome son, but tell him to put some mittens on LOL, brrrrr!


  2. I think he'd already been through three pairs of gloves when I towed him outside so I could take this picture! I offered to knit him a pair of Totoro mittens from a Ravelry pattern I found, but he asked me not to bother. He said he'd be too afraid of losing them to actually wear them!


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