Happiness is….

Lots and lots….

of really, really looong stickers!


5 thoughts on “Happiness is….

  1. I'm fine Erin – thanks for checking 🙂 Just a bit of Bloggy Burnout, I guess. I tend to shift gears a few times a year, and End of Gardening Season is one of them. I'll be back when I feel like I have something interesting to write about.


  2. Oh yes! She cares less about the stickers themselves than the act of peeling them off the backing, so they all get piled up around her. We have stickers all over everything for hours! And yes, she love duct tape! I try and keep clear packing tape over the battery doors on our remotes so she won't take the batteries out, and every once in a while she notices and peels all the tape off those, to!


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