Westville Artwalk

The Artwalk went pretty well, all things considered!  People still aren’t spending as much as they did a few years ago, but I still did OK – by my standards, at any rate.  The weather sort-of cooperated.  We had some rain early on, but fortunately it started after we got the canopy up, so nothing got wet!  It stopped early enough that it didn’t keep people away.

It did get very windy about an hour before the show closed, and everyone was holding on to their tents to keep them from blowing over!  Our earring display went over at least two or three times, and someone stepped on a pair of my posts before we could get them off the ground.  I guess she didn’t realize that the shouts of “Watch it! Watch it!”  were directed at her.

Some of my new work sold, but I managed to get pictures beforehand.  This heart went, and I had at least one person wishing they’d bought it when they first came by.

She took a card, but then lots of people took business cards.  I’ll be surprised if we actually hear from any of them.  Everyone gets excited about the idea of custom work when they’re standing there, but it always ends up being more hassle than it’s worth to them by the time they get home.  Next year we’re going to try coupon codes on the backs of the business cards to see if it helps us see how many people from the shows come visit us online.

 I finally decided what I wanted to do with this pendant  that I finished a few weeks ago, so I had the completed necklace finished in time for the show.  Lots of interest, but no buyers.  The expensive pieces always (unsurprisingly) take forever to sell.

At least we finally had a banner this year!


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