Time to put the garden to bed.

Even though we haven’t actually had our first frost yet, I didn’t see much point in waiting.  The tomatoes this year were a lost cause.

Such a waste!  I couldn’t even compost them because of the tomato blight 😦 

For some reason my Japanese eggplants seem to think there’s still going to be time to do something this growing season.

  I’ll hold off on pulling them for a few more days, but I think I’m just going to be stuck with figuring out what to do with this one tiny eggplant.

Maybe I’ll combine it with my one tiny carrot!

This is the one carrot that I got to germinate.  In July.  I pulled it up today.  I’d figured the voles would have gotten to it by now,  but apparently it was too small even for them to waste their time with!  Speaking of voles…

this is where they seem to be keeping their back door these days.  In the middle of my garden!  Next year I am going to have the unenviable task of digging down at least a foot around the perimeter of the garden and burying chicken wire so that the critters can’t get in.  I am not looking forward to this 😦  I hope I have enough chicken wire on hand, and I hope I will be able to talk my son into helping!  He usually enjoys anything that involves digging holes.

Now to start looking for carpet remnants and old bricks to cover the garden with until next spring.  I need to get rid of more grass – it was a bigger battle this year than I want to deal with again.  Here’s to better tomatoes next year!


3 thoughts on “Time to put the garden to bed.

  1. CA actually had pretty good tomato weather this year…my pepper plants don't seem to realize the season is over…i'm leaving my sweet potatoes to do what they may til next year.


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