Being busy and Miso Soup :)

I was lucky enough to get three orders in over the weekend (yay!), so Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent working in the studio.  DH always tries to take pictures of me when I’m working, unfortunately sometimes what I’m doing just isn’t that impressive :\

I’ve been working on a ton of earrings, some of which are going to be included in an Amazon promotion through my 1000 Markets shop(!), and a couple of rings.  I also have a custom piece that I’m working on for a friend, so I’m definitely keeping busy!  The rings and one pair of earrings will be shipping today, everything else should go tomorrow.  I like playing in the studio and coming up with new designs, but I like it even better when I know I’m getting paid!

All of this means I have not been able to tackle the anti-tarnish jewelry roll I’ve been talking about for two weeks.  Oh well.  The fabric is not going to disintegrate on me – it’ll still be there waiting when I have time to deal with it.  In the meantime I can leave you with my recipe for Miso soup!

  • 3c Dashi (Japanese fish stock – if you don’t have an Asian grocery near you, you can probably find this at your local natural foods store.  I’m not a purist – I’m happy with the powdered stock!)
  • 1/2-1 c sliced, chopped button bushrooms
  • 1-2T butter (or oil of your choice)
  • 3T Miso (again, available at Asian groceries or natural foods stores) White miso is milder than red miso, so if you’re not sure what you’re doing yet go with the white.  I like to mix them half-and-half.
  • 1-2T Wakame (dried seaweed in a plastic bag – available etc., etc.)
  • 1 or 2 scallions, whites and greens very thinly sliced. (I know it’s a “garnish”, but don’t skip the scallions!)

Soak the wakame in a small bowl with warm water.  Use a bigger bowl than you think you need – this stuff expands dramatically!  Saute the mushrooms in the butter (or whatever you prefer for sauteing mushrooms).   Add the dashi, bring to a simmer.  Strain and add the wakame.  Adding the miso can be tricky, as it has a consistency much like peanut butter.  In Japan they have a special kitchen tool for this that is basically a strainer shaped like a small ladle.  You put the miso in the “ladle” and lower it into the soup, then you can stir and rub it against the side of the strainer so that the miso gets dissolved into the soup instead of making big lumps.  Most of us don’t have one of those.  Instead, put the miso in a small bowl, add a littl of the dashi and stir until it’s smooth.  Add this thinned miso to the soup.  Stir once or twice, remove from heat, and serve, garnished with the scallions!

This is so amazingly quick, and almost everything is shelf-stable or freezable (I freeze batches of sauteed mushrooms and sliced scallions) that it has become one of my “emergency meals” when I’m short on time or ingredients for anything else.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Being busy and Miso Soup :)

  1. Hi Alison!
    You were before me in ROLL CALL over at SITS this morning, so I wanted to stop by and say, HAPPY SATURDAY SHAREFEST!
    I love your work! You are so very talented. I am really impressed!
    I am so happy to see that you are keeping busy. I am also an Etsian (I make unique handbags), and I just love it. I am so busy with offline orders and getting ready for my first craft show in November, that my inventory is not all that much right now. I know what you mean about being busy, but that's a WONDERFUL THING!!! 🙂
    So glad I found your blog, and I am proud to be one of your newest followers. Now I am on my way to “heart” your Etsy shop!



  2. I love Miso soup. That recipe sounds great! I wish I could make pretty things. I dream of having an Etsy shop, but I have no idea what I'd sell! Off to check out your stock!


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