Homemade soup + handmade bowl = perfect lunch!

I’m a big fan of soup, so this cooler weather has been a welcome change!  I’m also a big fan of making things “from scratch,” so for me “soup” is never something that comes out of a red-and-white can!
This is lunch whipped up from leftovers 🙂  I had made chicken stock the night before, and had about a cup left that hadn’t been put in the freezer yet.  I scrounged around and found about 2 tablespoons of leftover taco meat.  Yay!  Taco Soup!  I added a little garlic oil, some extra salt and pepper, and garnished it with sour cream.  Add to that the leftover end of a sourdough baguette that I got from the Cityseed Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago, and I have a nice hot lunch, from scratch, that also uses up leftovers – and takes about ten minutes!
I’ll admit that although I did make the bowl, I did not make it this afternoon, and it took longer than ten minutes to make 🙂

5 thoughts on “Homemade soup + handmade bowl = perfect lunch!

  1. I LOVE soup too and could happily eat it for lunch AND dinner. Hubby thinks it's not a proper meal though so I have to serve him something decent…but then there's more soup for me I guess. I make a big pot up, divide it into freezer containers and there's my lunch for work for the next week or so. Very easy.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.


  2. I'm starting to get into fall soup mode myself and i love tacos, so this sounds perfect! I can also tell you that if I tried to make a bowl like that not only would it take longer than 10 minutes, I just don't think I could do it, period! 🙂 Happy SITS Saturday!
    pk @ room remix


  3. Hi, I do have an Australian “translator” on the side of my blog, but I guess lots of people miss it. A chook is a chicken (and I was so suprised when I found out other people had no idea what that word meant. You're not the first.)


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