Where all of my rings seem to end up… :)

I think it’s because my fingers are a convenient place to store them!  I find that whenever I’m working on new (for me) ring styles, the prototypes always end up on my own fingers.   The downside to this is that I usually end up with rings that only stay on my index and middle fingers – its nice that stacked rings are “in”!  It is pure happpenstance that the only finger on my right hand with no rings on it is my ring finger!
I’m still working on my faceted stone setting, so two of the new rings have CZs set in them – the bead-wire ring (middle ring on index finger), and the square shank, square setting ring, which is the top ring on my little finger.  Both of these may end up staying in my personal collection!
My further adventures in earrings include this prototype pair of flowers:

This design still needs a little work.  These started with 1/2″ discs of 24 ga sterling, but I think I need 26 ga instead.  I found the 24 ga to be a pain to do repousse with at this scale, and the edges of the petals didn’t round off as nicely as I wanted them to.  They’ll be cute when I have all the kinks ironed out of production!
In other news, I finally received the anti-tarnish fabric I’d ordered, so I can get to work designing my new jewelry storage roll next week!  I promise to take pictures and post a tutorial as soon as I can.  At my normal rate of Getting Things Done, I’d say look for it on Friday!

One thought on “Where all of my rings seem to end up… :)

  1. Hello there! Good to find your comment on my blog – thanks for stopping by. The challenge is just for yourself and your home, so if you make most of the purchases, you could probably get away with it! I did wonder about our computer crisis, and what my husband would say about the challenge in relation to that, but I think that he is going to spend the money if we end up with a new one, so it's not my problem! (Is that cheating!)

    I'm loving what I've seen of your jewellery, and will look some more now…


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