Finished pendant!

Friday’s pendant, with stones set!  Perhaps not one of my best photos (the silver really is a lot brighter than it looks), but I wanted to show at least some indication that the small stone is a garnet, and I didn’t want to take the whole “studio” set up out just for a quick snapshot.  This is what I get with shooting on the table in the back yard.  No, it is not going to stay on the ribbon.  I have some Venetian Box chains arriving on Saturday, and I hope to be able to put it on one of them.

If you compare the final piece to the original sketch from Friday’s blog post you can see where I deviated from my original plan.  I’d planned to do two 20ga wires with 30ga wire twined around them (sort of a figure-8 wrap) and have them go down the right side and curve around the bottom, but I decided that my twining skills weren’t up to it yet, plus it would take too long.  I made little Argentium balls instead.  Also, when I made my original sketch I hadn’t decided to put the 3mm garnet in yet.  I’ve decided that the whole thing reminds me of paisley patterns, so that’s what I’m going to call it when I finally take good photos and post it in my shop.

Tomorrow- stamped post-hoops!


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